Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Camping 2010

It's camping time again!

I'll just let the pictures tell the stories. I still need to get pictures from Icrad. I know she took some good ones.


Our view of the lake and the Mile Bridge. Yes it is actually a mile long.

Somewhere beyond the truck, under the water, are two more rows of campsites. See those trees in the middle of the lake? They weren't always in the middle of the lake.

A bit of rain while we settle in.

J-9 preparing the dough for dutch oven pizzas.

Yummy dutch oven pizza!

J-9 ... just being J-9.

After all that water recedes, somebody else will find some shells like these in the middle of the road and wonder how the heck they got there.

Jet Li found himself a new girlfriend!

These two dogs were roaming around our site on Friday morning looking for friends and breakfast. Ok, really they were just looking for breakfast.

Yeah, I'm a dork.

Jet Li and J-9.

Big Rig is closer than he appears.
Big Rig at the helm.

Nope. Bad idea. Back the truck up.

Icrad, looking lovely.

Princess Flip-Flop, Jet Li, and J-9 in the Kia.

I took a picture of the wheel because the mud looks so smooth on the rim.

And here's a picture of me taking that picture. I have no idea why.

Some new pinstriping on the Dodge.

A post-apocalyptic flooded playground.

Jet Li taming a wild sea horse. Ride 'em, cowboy!

Icrad cooked up a great dinner with the most delicious doughnut thingys.

We were surrounded by very industrious spiders. If you held still for too long they would start building webs on you.


Jeep, Cinder, and Princess Flip-Flop.

Icrad and J-9

J-9's signature Jeep pose.
Her head wouldn't hit the seats if her femurs weren't so freakisly long.

Jeep, Flip-Flop, Icrad, and I

The '46 made it up this climb, but we all had to get out.

J-9's performance on the balance beam. A perfect 10!
(A good performance on the balance beam, too!)

Icrad and I.

Jeep, Princess Flip-Flop, and Cinder.
Nice throne of stones, Your Highness.

We all suspected it, but now we have proof.
Jeep can walk on water!

Taking the Willy's for a swim.

Me, Icrad, J-9, and Cinder.


Some new "custom body work" for the Kia.

Not a good sign: Vultures circling overhead.

Jet Li was involved in an unfortunate jeeping "accident."

Maybe if we put all our heads together, we can figure out why the engine compartment is all mud-colored. (And why it won't start.)

Jeep yanks out the starter, fiddles around with it, oils it up, and off we go!

J-9 and I

Jet Li makes a move, but Icrad's not having it.

Who needs matches?! Jeep finds a couple embers leftover from the breakfast fire.

Jeep said, "Let there be fire!"

And there was fire.

Jeep makes hot dog sticks with his big manly knife.

Jet Li's girlfriend decides she needs dinner, too.


Sunday morning was quite possibly the most beautiful morning I've ever seen.

This jeep's not so fast ...
But it might float!